"Some of the best is right here in south Jersey. Jennifer and Ryan LaMonaca of B&B Farms and Paul and Lauren Erbacher of Hammerbacher are working very hard to cultivate and rejuvenate our local food and farming community."

– Linda Taylor, CSA customer / Photographer - Campe Studio, 1/1/18

"Couldn't be happier that I joined the CSA at B&B Farms"

– Marci Lutsky, CSA customer / Local food blogger, 11/3/2017

ShoreLocalNews.com article

"Highest quality veggies and the sweetest farmers in south jersey! I love B & B Farms for too many reasons to list. It's a wonderful experience to be a part of a farm share from the moment I step on the farm until the moment I take my first fresh bite! The crops are full of love!"

– Tara Kercher, CSA customer, 6/14/2017

"I am so pleased so far with the entire experience. All the food is wonderful and I love being able to bring my kids every week. It's a great learning experience that ends with some awesome meals each time."

– Cindy Dudas, CSA customer / Local food blogger, 9/2016

JerseyBites.com article 

"Totally awesome! Its great to know your farmer and we eat farm to table every night."

– Sharon Essl, CSA customer, 9/17/2016