Wk 6 CSA Pick-Your-Own and Farm happenings


Flowers and Herbs open to public during CSA pickups: Wed 1-6 AND Sat 9-2.



This crop counts towards your veggie farm share count.  Swap out items in Shop for beans, or pay for an extra quart. Please pick 1 level quart; this crop did not produce as heavy as usual due to extreme hot/dry weather.  They are very tasty though!  We have another patch opening soon.

flowers fields.jpg

FLOWERS! (included in all CSA farm shares). Tip: strip leaves for longer lasting bouquets.  Please bring your own containers and scissors.   

1 bunch Mix and Match - see sample display.  Want more? See Shop for pricing.

  • Sunflowers - lots of them!  Different varieties, mix and match.  
  • Dianthus - the vibrant pinks
  • Zinnias - multi colors 

HERBS! (included in all CSA farm shares).  Tip: pair with flowers bouquets, or dry for later use.  Please bring your own containers and scissors. 

1 bunch Mix and Match - see sample display.  Want more? See Shop for pricing. 

  • Basil and Parsley - new locations; follow orange flags. 
  • Chives, Sage, Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary, Dill.  
  • Cilantro? too hot. We keep seeding more!
cherry toms.jpg

Tomatoes?  Getting close! Next week?

Kids Farm to Table

Kids cooking class, on-farm!  
Join us for our 1st Kids Farm to Table.

  • When: June 28
  • Time: 10-12
  • Where: B&B Farms, CSA barn

This summer your mini chefs are in for a unique experience. Happy Heart Corner will be at B&B Farms where the kids pick the food they cook! We get kids in the kitchen and teach them the love of cooking. When kids are involved, their world opens up to trying new food and having fun. Children will learn basic culinary skills all while using kitchen tools just for them. Young chefs will measure and combine ingredients, work together in a group setting, and develop their palates with new and exciting flavors. They will be able to share their new culinary creations with the whole family! Class is a drop off. Please bring a water bottle. 

Sign up here

Harvie and B&B Farms CSA

Welcome to another farm season! Harvie (a CSA software program) and B&B Farms CSA...

How it Works:  For our returning customers, AND for me, we are learning a new system.  For our new customers, perhaps it all makes sense.  We thank you for your patience and support as we smooth out the details!  I am a quick learner; and along with farm staff, we work hard to give our customers a positive on-farm experience and quality, fresh and healthy produce. Here are my updates for Week 2 CSA Pickup:

wk1 share, 2.jpg

What is new about our CSA?

  • Farm shares are customized ahead of pickups – this helps us manage the harvest better and reduce waste.  If you have not done so, please select your preferences in your profile; this lets us know what you want AND don’t want.
  • Weekly emails - I will email the harvest to everyone Mon or Tues; send me changes (if you like) by Wed am.
  • Swapping/customizing your farm share – you can do so ahead of time.  If you prefer to do so in Farm Shop (as in previous seasons) – crops will be labeled if available for swaps.  AND no up-charges!  Sorry if this occurred – we will issue you a store credit, let us know.
  • At pickup/check-in, grab your ticket.  Your farm shares will be individually printed out, sorted by last name.  Don’t worry about printing it out or looking on your phone – we have you covered.  
  • Payment plan.  At sign up, you pay 25% of the share balance; the first pickup, you pay another 25% of the share balance + the first csa share amount; the 50% remaining balance will be split up into equal payments weekly for the remainder of the season. If you wish to pay off your remaining balance, log into to your account and update your payment.
  • Harvie customer support – we hope you are all set! If you need assistance, please reach out.  support@harvie.farm, 412-567-3864.
me, ry flowers.JPG

What remains the same?      

  • Changing pickup days – no need to let us know! – sorry for the confusion on this.  At signup, you set a preferred day; it does help us to know, but we are flexible.  We will see you on the Farm whatever day works for you that week! 
  • Mix and Match options – do ahead of time in your weekly farm email, or swap in Farm shop (crops will be labeled if available).
  • Bring a bag/basket, fill up from around display tables – same produce, same farmers! 
  • Pick-Your-Own crops INCLUDED.  Flowers and Herbs for all members – please see our Pick-Your-Own display for sample bunches, and fields locations.  Don’t forget your scissors and containers!
  • Extras for sale – see Farm Shop for details. Produce (upgrade your share, or bring a friend and show off your farm!). Also local eggs, cheeses, chicken sausages, breads and more.  
  • Our friendly staff!  Always available to assist – please let us know if you have questions.

See you on the Farm!

Your B&B Farms Crew

CSA Opens 6/6 (main season)

Hello from the Farm. So excited to open our main season early this year with abundant and beautiful strawberries! They come on fast and furious, no holding back! Details below, and more to follow next week. Please follow our social media too for daily pics and updates @bbfarmsnj. 

  • Main season (20 weeks) begins Jun 6-Oct.
  • Summer season (10 weeks) begins June 27-Labor Day.

How does B&B Farms CSA work?

  • For Wed Pickups (1-6 PM), check your email Monday afternoon.
  • For Sat Pickups (9 AM-2 PM), check your email Thursday afternoon.
  • The Harvest - farmer direct to your email, (and recipes/tips for the week).
  • Pickup Your Farm Share. Based on your preferences (and our harvest), Harvie automatically generates a farm share for you.  And that’s it! Bring a bag/basket and fill up from around the tables in Farm Shop AND pick-your-own fields. 
  • Pickup list? Options: on your phone or print it out. And we will have a master copy in Farm Shop. 
  • Make changes/swap items? You can do that too! Just let us know before the cutoff time, 24 hours’ notice - this will be in the email. 
  • Purchase extras? If available, yes. We will list extras for sale in Farm Shop. AND breads, meats, cheeses, eggs.
baby berry_alex.jpg

Pick-Your-Own Crops (PYO):

  • PYO crops - included in your farm share – strawberries, herbs, flowers this week, if you want them.  See PYO display for samples for your reference (for display only). Extras for purchase, if available, listed in Farm Shop. 
  • Extra strawberries? (this crop is also open to the public), CSA members receive 10% discount at checkout. Staff will have a checkoff list in field, just let them know.
  • New PYO locations:
    • PYO strawberries AND Flowers... located on new farm, next driveway over 228 S Mannheim Ave.  Drive around after you pick up your farm share from the Farm Shop (recommended).
    • PYO Herbs located... near Farm Shop, easy walk – we will have signs. 
  • Friendly farm staff in fields and Farm Shop to assist!  Please ask.

Harvie and our Farm.  We hope using the Harvie tool is a good fit for customers and farmers.  We are looking forward to growing the farm together! http://www.smallfarmcentral.com/Blog-Item-visiting-farms-in-ky-tn 

See you on the farm,

farm crew_elyssa.jpg

Your B&B Farms crew!

Strawberries and CSA sign ups

Hello!  Thank you to all who have signed up for a CSA farm share – your upfront investment is hard at work in the fields and the greenhouses.  AND it’s still not too late to join – spread the word to friends and family!

crew gh trailer.jpg
  • Customize what veggies you get in your CSA (based on the harvest of the week).
  • Set up automatic weekly payments.
  • Reschedule or hold your share if you are out of town (or gift to a friend for the week).
  • Get cooking and recipe tips.



1)      PICK YOUR SHAREAND click on “frequency” – some Harvie farms offer biweekly or monthly pickups/deliveries; we offer weekly.

2)      CHOOSE A DELIVERY OPTIONclick on the map pin for B&B Farms – some Harvie farms deliver to multiple locations; currently we offer pickup on-farm.  In the future, as we grow our CSA, we may add map pins! AND Choose a Pickup Day – Wednesday or Saturday.

3)      CONTACT INFO – fill out and create a password; you can add others to the account.

4)      PAYMENT DETAILS select Pay In Full, OR Payment Plan.

  • Payment Plan. At checkout, 25% due.  The first week of your pick up, a second 25% payment will be charged.  And the remaining 50% will be charged with each week's pickup.
  • Pay by check (or cash)?  The idea with Harvie is to make all payments credit card based, but we realize there will always be a few who choose to pay with check or cash – it is possible to make it happen. Go through the signup process.  Choose your options, click the "go to checkout", and then stop.  This creates an order in the database that I will be able to add a payment to later when you give the check or cash.  Kindly remit payment to our mailing address: B&B Farms CSA, PO Box 832 Oceanville, NJ 08231.  Checks made payable to:  B&B Farms CSA

QUESTIONS? Please contact the friendly support team at Harvie:

Email support@harvie.farm, and phone 412-567-3864.


STRAWBERRIES. Opening Memorial Day Weekend (likely, if not sooner) - we will keep you updated!

New crop this year!  Strawberries are Pick-Your-Own, and open to the public. As a thank you for joining the CSA, discounts apply!  Prior to the first CSA pickup… strawberries will be open, and we hope to see you out there!  During the CSA pickup… strawberries will be a part of the farm share.  AND you can purchase extras too at the discount rate.  Our CSA customers are awesome and the foundation of our farm operation – we are grateful for your support.

Thanks for your interest in our farm – and joining us on an adventure in local eating!

Your Local Farm Crew at B&B Farms

CSA Signup Day

Hi from B&B Farms.

On February 23rd, we are joining with CSA farmers from across the country to celebrate CSA Day. This is an important time of year for us to get members signed up because we are in the process of making the investments that will result in a harvest for many months to come. We appreciate your support on this day and throughout the year.

CSA is an important model to support our farm - access to capital in the off-season; the meaningful connections between farmers and CSA members; the sense of ownership and pride members feel about their CSA farms... all add up to healthy farms, businesses, and communities. 

If you already signed up or just want to help us spread the word, please post about CSA Day on social media:
"B&B Farms is celebrating National CSA Sign-up Day on Feb 23rd. Join me in supporting a local farmer: https://www.bbfarmsnj.com/ #CSAday"

To sign up for our CSA, visit: https://www.bbfarmsnj.com/csa-signup-2018/

CSA Day is important for us and we are thankful to you!

Sincerely your farmer,

Jen LaMonaca