Wk 17 Local Art/Music, Potpies, New crops

CSA WEEK 17 PICKUP: Thu-Fri (9/19-20) 12-5 PM, and Sat 10 AM-2 PM (9/21)

The Crops.

New… Beets (red/golds) and Spaghetti squash. Also: Butternut and Buttercup squash; Potatoes (red/golds); Carrots; Cucumbers; Hakurei Turnip; Cucumbers; Sweet Peppers (bells/Italian types); Garlic; Kale (Tuscan/curly types); Arugula; Swiss Chard. Pick-Your-Own Green Beans and Flowers.

The Artists! Sat 9/21, 10 AM - 3 PM

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Extras For Sale - Support Local!

wk17shep pie.jpg

Potpies: Chicken, Veggie AND Shepard’s Pie, chicken sausages too, Griggstown Farms; Eggs, Cycle Farms; Fresh Baked Breads and More, Hammerbacher; Pears/Apples, Nichols Orchard; Corn, Pastores; Honey, Mill Creek Apiary.

Fall Crops… looking good!

Pork Sale

Bittersweet week as our pigs were sent off to harvest; they were delivered by us to a local family butcher shop who has been serving South Jersey and farmers since the 1930’s. They are knowledgeable and compassionate and provide excellent service. It’s a complicated range of emotions you go through raising meat animals. We cared for them greatly. We provided shelter, fed them, talked to them and interacted with them, hosed them down when they were hot. Our pigs lived in the open in nature. Their diet ranged from a high end blend of grain sourced from a local farm to veggie scraps from our CSA to leftover baked goods. They had companionship and happily rolled around in the mud. Their comfort was of paramount importance to us. Americans enjoy pork and there is a huge demand for it. Commercially, pigs are raised in unpleasant conditions to meet this demand. Kept in warehouses, confined and isolated in cages with barely room to move, fattened with an unhealthy diet, and pumped with antibiotics to keep them from getting sick. On our farm, we respect our pigs and we consider them an integral part of our overall operation, helping manage hundreds of pounds of “seconds” produce and food waste throughout the season. They till up the ground and they create nutrient rich land for future crops. The profits from the sale of the pork will help pay our farm expenses, allowing us to continue to grow our CSA. Our pigs lived a good life and we are confident it’ll be reflected in the quality of the meat. Pork sale details forthcoming.

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Thank you for supporting our Farm!