CSA Wk. 13. Spaghetti Squash!

Pick up on-farm: 8/22-8/24. Pickup Hours, choose 1: Thu 12-5 pm, Fri 12-5 pm, or Sat 10 am-2 pm


Jersey Fresh! NEW! Spaghetti Squash & Garlic! Soooo many Tomatoes… classic Reds, Heirlooms (orange/pinks) and Pick-Your-Own Cherry types. Pair with lots of Basil - NO LIMIT on pick your own Basil! Red Watermelons. Back To School soon - Oh My! Carrots/Cucumbers/Peppers make great snacks for kids at school and at home! Abundant Sweet Peppers (Orange/Yellow/Red/Green)… best crop ever - slice and freeze for winter use, or stuff and have farm fresh meals for later months. More Eggplant, Onions, Potatoes, Zucchini. Hot Peppers (Jalapenos & Krimzon Lee)... stuff’em or fry’em! Makes a great app. See more Pick-Your-Own below for Flowers and Herbs. Also, Corn AND Peaches from our farm friends at Pastore Orchards for sale. Oh summer! Preserve the harvest.


PICK YOUR OWN. If adding to your share this week, PYO is a great value. NO LIMIT on cherry tomatoes and Basil. CSA member perks! Gleaning week.

  • Cherry Tomatoes. NO LIMIT! Orange, Yellow, Black Cherry and Classic Red. The tomato plants are coming to the end of their life cycle; still an abundance of beautiful tomatoes for picking! Farm tip: amazing roasted and stores great in freezer. We add to chili, sauces, soups and serve with crackers and cheese.

  • Herbs - Basil - NO LIMIT!

  • Flowers. 6 stems. More flowers planted for a later summer harvest.


EXTRA JERSEY FRESH FOR SALE: Baked goods, Hammerbacher; Corn and Peaches, Pastore Orchards; Eggs - Cycle Farms; Chicken Sausage, Griggstown Farms



Due to the nature of growing tomatoes using sustainable practices, it is normal to see some cracks and spots on your tomatoes, especially the heirlooms. At B&B Farms, a “perfect tomato” tastes great, AND is raised with great care and consideration for the health of the workers and the environment.

Best peppers we’ve ever had!


Usually a heavy producer into the fall for us, eggplant this year is not holding well. The field has had heavy insect pressure lately. If your eggplant has a few spots on them, we recommend you use them relatively quick; they’re still good eggplants.

COMING SOON! Butternut & Buttercup Squash. New crop of Zucchini and Cucumber. Greens back next week - Arugula and Kale. Not far off, Green Beans… they make great school snacks for the kids! More fall favorites growing up… Cauliflower, Broccoli, Spinach, Lettuce, Fennel. Cooler weather is on the way!

Fall Art Festival, September 21st:

Creator Highlights …

Apiarist: A. Walker Apiaries

Andrew Douglas produces local honey and honey products including candles and gift baskets! Located in Green Bank, they produce and pack some of the best local honey around! Come try their creamed cinnamon honey or healthy turmeric creamed honey. They also provide pollination services. Welcome A. Walker Apiaries!

Creator: Victoria Cox-Barnett

Vicky creates individual pieces in colors that range from soothing earthtones to pretty pastels, riotous rainbows to graphic black and whites. She also does custom designs with fabrics and colors that you choose so you can get the color scheme that you like.

See you on the farm!

B&B Farm Crew.