CSA Wk. 12. Summer's Bounty Continues!

Pick up on-farm: 8/15-8/17. Pickup Hours, choose 1: Thu 12-5 pm, Fri 12-5 pm, or Sat 10 am-2 pm


Jersey Fresh! Tomatoes… heavy with classic Reds, Heirlooms and Pick-Your-Own Cherry types. Melons, Mix and Match… Red/Yellow Watermelons and Cantaloupe. More of summer’s best… Eggplant (Classic and heirloom types) AND Sweet Peppers (Orange/Yellow/Red/Green); they are beauties! Onions, Potatoes (Golds are back!), Beets, Carrots, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Scallions and Cabbage. Nice Hot Peppers if you dare (Jalapenos & Krimzon Lee)... stuff’em or fry’em! See more Pick-Your-Own below for Flowers and Herbs. Also, Corn AND Peaches from our farm friends at Pastore Orchards for sale. Oh summer!


Cherry Tomatoes. Orange, Yellow, Black Cherry and Classic Red. Farmer tip: These are amazing roasted; stores great in freezer. Load up for the winter months!

  • FLOWERS. 6 stems. More flowers planted for a later summer harvest.

  • HERBS - a great value to add to your CSA share! Please help yourself to a SIGNIFICANT amount of Basil! Make Pesto. Also, Thyme, Oregano and Chives.


EXTRA JERSEY FRESH FOR SALE. Peaches from Pastore Farms! More Corn!; Pasture-raised, hormone and chemical-free & Eggs, Cycle Farms. Sausages, Griggstown Farms; Bread/baked goods, Hammerbacher; Honey, Mill Creek Apiary

Fall Art Festival, September 21st:

Creator Highlights …

Tea Maker: Krystal Vullo

Krystal is the owner and creator of The Little Rustic Homestead Organic Teas n' More , serving fabulous homegrown teas and more! Tea is the ultimate tool to helping you slow down. Even if it has caffeine. There is just something about the energy of tea that speaks of beauty, health and peace. Come and try some of Krystal's homegrown organic chamomile and organic calendula teas. To your health!

Artisan: Vicki Thurlow-Lewis 

Vicki is a founding member of the annual Fall Harvest Festival. She is a Ceramic Artist and Art Teacher who shares her talents throughout our community. Vicki creates wheel thrown pottery combined with textile and textured elements inspired by nature and the love of craft.

See you on the farm!

B&B Farm Crew.