CSA Wk. 10. Aug and Watermelons!

Pick up on-farm: 8/1-8/3. Pickup Hours, choose 1: Thu 12-5 pm, Fri 12-5 pm, or Sat 10 am-2 pm.


Jersey Fresh! Watermelon! (Red & Yellow), Cantaloupes, Tomatoes… harvest getting heavy! (Reds, Heirlooms and Pick-Your-Own Cherry types), Onions (Red & Yellow), Potatoes (Red & Gold), Eggplant (Classic and heirloom types), Peppers (Bells & Hots), Carrots, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Scallions and Cabbage. See more Pick-Your-Own below for Flowers, Herbs and updates. Also, Corn from Pastore Orchards for sale.


On melons… Choose Red AND Yellow types. Impress your friends and family with both! Great Harvest! If choosing Cantaloupes, they are a smaller, high sugar type, Sugar Cube. Great for a snack and stuffing with ice creme or yogurt:) Unlike the watermelon, the cantaloupe harvest has been spotty; if we run out, please take a smaller watermelon in place of.


PICK-YOUR-OWN Kindly recycle your quart containers, Thanks! Are these crops in your share for the week? Extras available for purchase in Farm shop.

  • Cherry Tomatoes. All 6 rows open! Orange, Yellow, Black Cherry and Classic Red. Tomatoes ripen from the bottom up, so look low on the plants. Also, there is a path in the middle for you to walk through and over to other tomatoes and herbs. Enjoy!

  • FLOWERS. 12 stems for mixed bouquets! Lots of sunflowers out there, especially by the cherry tomatoes! See the pick your own example in Farm Shop if you’re including them in your farm share for the week.

  • HERBS - a great value to add to your CSA share! Please help yourself to a SIGNIFICANT amount of Basil! Make Pesto. Also, Parsley, Thyme, Oregano and Chives.


EXTRA JERSEY FRESH FOR SALE. Corn, Pastore Farms; Whole chickens (Pasture-raised, hormone and chemical-free) & Eggs, Cycle Farms. Pasture-raised, hormone and chemical-free Chicken Sausages, Griggstown Farms; Bread/baked goods, Hammerbacher; Honey, Mill Creek Apiary

Why Pay More for Organic Chicken? Ask Farmer Melanie! Click here for more.

Fall Art Festival, upcoming September:

Creator Highlights …

Soap Maker: Tawes Creek Soap Company

Owner and creator Carol Ritson produces handmade delectable pure and natural soaps, oils, candles, balms and salts from essential oils and all natural ingredients right here in Galloway Township. Custom blends, healing spritzes and fabulous scents for all to enjoy at the fall festival! Come out and see the difference handmade can make!

Artisan: Renee Hannselmann

Renee puts together the most amazing dried flower wreaths and arrangements. Beautifully scented and perfect for gifts or your own home. Welcome Renee!

See you on the farm!

B&B Farm Crew.