End of Season, Pork Sale AND Thank You’s!

Week 20 CSA. Last One! Pick up shares Thu, Fri 12-5 PM or Sat 10 AM-2 PM. On the Table… Spinach, Lettuce, Arugula, Kales, Winter Squashes, Broccoli (and some Cauliflower), Cabbage (green/red), Fennel, Scallions, Hakurei Turnips, Chard, Peppers. And pick your own Green Beans and Flowers.


Save the Date! Annual Harvest Dinner on the farm. More info on this event to be posted on our website this week. Tickets limited; on sale Thursday 10/11 until sold out. Join us and celebrate!

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Smoked Pork Sale… Our farm raised bacon, hams, kielbasa and scrapple will be available to CSA customers on a first come, first serve basis in our Farm shop this week.

End of Season Thank You’s!

And so the end of the CSA season is here.  At this point, we are a little worn out; we reach back in our memories though and we can say overall it was a great season!  From a farmer’s standpoint, here’s the 2019 breakdown.  The favorites: strawberries, our greens (I’ll take B&B’s arugula and spinach any day versus the grocery store “baby” stuff!), fresh dug carrots, zucchini and cucumbers, tomatoes (vine ripened and Jersey Fresh is the best!).  Also broccoli AND peppers (those vibrant colors happen in the field, not ethylene induced as is the case for most grocery store ones).  Short but sweet season runner’s up:  the humble onion, we take it for granted, however it is difficult to grow and store.  Our onions are beautiful fresh from the field, storing them is a challenge we continue to work on.  For melons, flavor was nice but harvest numbers were lower than expected.  I feel pollination might be an issue.  Need more bees!  Others that gave it their best: eggplant was good for a period but struggled with insect and disease pressures.  Garlic OK, not as impressive as we are known for, it was from old seed we have been saving for years which we have replaced with new stock for 2020.  Flowers started off strong with abundant calendula (which was made into a local beer!), but others that followed were not as productive which may be related to heavy use of this field over time.  Crop rotation and resting fields is so important!  Mother Nature is telling us something.  The perennial herbs did not come back from last year as expected; we will dig up and replace this fall.  Every year we celebrate the harvest at hand and it comes with challenges, and from that valuable lessons.  We are grateful for the experiences and owe the farm’s successes to so many.

To our Customers:  thank you for supporting the farm and CSA. It’s not always easy to get to the farm to pick up your share, or do the pick your own and then prepare all the farm veggies you get.  We thank you for showing up every week rain or shine (or heat wave!) and making the farm a part of your schedule and a priority.   We are grateful for your efforts; thank you for being with us!

To our Staff: thank you to our dedicated staff who gave much of their time and enthusiasm this summer to working on the farm.  Thank you for keeping your heads high through the good times and the rough times.  Despite your trying moments, I hope you will look back on your farm experience with pride and good memories.  You made me laugh, you made me happy (and frustrated!).  Each one of you has taught me something valuable, about farming and life.  Your efforts on the farm crew matter and are important.

To our Artisans and collaborators:  Thank you to our fellow partners in creating community: Hammerbacher bakery – we appreciate everything you do for us.  Thank you for caring about agriculture and supporting the farm wholeheartedly. And to the artist’s who all gathered on the farm for our annual Fall Arts fest… it is a privilege to be associated with such a group of hard working and creative people. And to many others and local businesses that we collaborate with, thank you for sharing your talents and passion with us.

To our family and friends of the farm:  Art and Carolyn Brown, owners of B&B Farms.  Thank you for your support over the years and for being such great landlords! You believed in us and welcomed the CSA as an important component to the farm.  Thank you for all you have done for us!  Thank you to our family and friends for advice, being there always and a part of our journey.

All in all, we feel 2019 was a very positive season.  At times, we are satisfied and others it feels like we have too many pots on the stove.  We continue to strive for the better and achieve more, and grow more.  Every year is unforgettable and an amazing experience one way or another.  In 2020, we celebrate 10 years in farming; let’s keep it growing!  From all of us at B&B, we love you, we thank you!  It is a privilege to serve you and be your farmers.