Wk 19 Pork Sale continues, New crops

CSA Week 19. PICKUP Thu and Fri 12-5 PM, Sat 10 AM-2 PM

(Please note: week 20, next week, will be the last CSA pickup for 2019)


On the Table in Farm Shop… Spinach, Lettuce, Arugula, Kale, Chard, Broccoli, Fennel, Scallions, Cabbage (green and red), Winter Squash (Butternut and Buttercup), and Peppers. Pick Your Own: Green Beans and Flowers.


Extras for Sale… Potpies (Chicken, Sheppard’s pie and Veggie), Griggstown Farms. Apples, Nichols Orchard. Breads and Baked goods, Hammerbacher. Eggs, Cycle Farms.

B&B Farms Pork Sale continues
We are proud to offer our amazing pork for in sale in our Farm Shop. Our fresh pork is on sale to CSA members on a first-come, first-served basis.

Our pigs are raised on pasture and outside. They were fed a diet of un-medicated/non gmo/high quality grain, farm veggies, spent beer grains from a local brewery, and bakery “waste”. Our pigs were not raised in concrete warehouses in confined pens like 98% of pigs raised in the USA… And of course they were able to forage, root, wallow and live like pigs!

Pork sold by the cut.
Limited quantities: Sausage (apple/maple and green onion), Chops, Ground pork, Ribs (country and spare) and Hocks. Coming soon… the smoked pork takes extra time to process: Bacon, Ham (boneless and sliced, and ham steaks), Kielbasa and Scrapple. SOLD OUT: Sausage (sweet and breakfast) and Loin.

pigs2019 butts.jpg

Thank you for supporting our farm, and we appreciate your business.