2019 CSA Signups

Happy New Year! We welcome 2019 with a fresh outlook, and are eager to get back in the fields. Over the winter months, we hit the reset button and get busy planning another season. We work on crop plans and budgets, make purchases for the upcoming season, attend farm conferences, get involved in agricultural issues, network with other farmers and collaborate with local businesses. In 2018, we celebrated our successes like strawberries, and faced many challenges due to extreme weather. Managing crops and stress was a real balancing act this past year. Many thanks to our CSA customers - your farm enthusiasm and appreciation for local agriculture reassured us of our efforts and helped us get through the rough days. Our CSA customers are the backbone of this farm, and a part of developing a thriving local food community; your love and support are key ingredients to our resiliency and growth. Thank you for being a part of the B&B Farms CSA experience!



WHAT IS HARVIE? In 2018, we updated how we managed our CSA; Harvie is the software tool that helps us customize CSA farm shares. The launch was a bumpy one I’ll admit! This created some confusion in the first few weeks and we adjusted as needed. With further assistance from the Harvie team, we developed a CSA Value Model for 2019 and we aim to make it work for all our CSA members. Harvie is a great tool to grow our CSA for the future. In doing so, we do not want to leave anyone behind; please reach out with questions and comments!


  • USING A VALUE-BASED CSA MODEL. In 2019, the farm will assign prices to all crops in Farm Shop and Pick-Your-Own fields.  Over the years, we have collected good data on what goes into growing each crop and how much it costs.  The value model is fairer to farmers AND a better value to customers.  Every week, you spend a set amount based on your farm share size. For example, Mini $14.25/week, Basic $24/week and Harvester $29/week. And based on the harvest, you can spend that however you like on veggies, flowers and herbs. If you want to swap and/or add to it, just pay the difference; your account will automatically be charged. In 2019, we aim to give you more value, choices and flexibility for your investment.

  • REFER A FRIEND PROGRAM - CSA PERKS - both receive $10 in credits - can be used to purchase extras, simply apply them to your order when you customize your farm share.

  • AUTO RENEW. A convenience for our farm and CSA members; you can change share size, pickups, or opt out. Begins Jan 24th.


  • CSA MEMBER PYO PERKS! At first glance, picking and eating right from the fields - cherry tomatoes, flowers and herbs - amazing right!?  But on 90 degree days, or it’s raining or if you are running late, pick your own crops may not be your thing. If you want these items – we can pick for you!  For additional labor on our end, there will be an up-charge versus if you pick your own.

  • RASPBERRIES! We will begin planting in March 2019. First harvest will be on light side in the fall for this perennial, and peak harvest in 2020 and for years to come.


FS 2.jpg
  • NEW PICKUP DAYS/HOURS. On-farm pickup Thursday 12-5, Friday 12-5 or Saturday 10-2. No Wednesday Farm shop.

  • PORK SHARES. Ethically raised on our farm - they are happy, healthy. Reserve your pork share today - click here. Pickup at Hammerbacher Saturdays, beginning Jan 12th until sold out.

  • BREAD SHARES. In partnership with our friends at Hammerbacher, to help meet demand, we are working on a strategy to ensure you get a slice. Details soon.



WHY JOIN B&B FARMS CSA NOW? EARLY BIRD PERKS! Get an upfront credit for helping us with our upfront costs! Receive a $15 credit - can be used to purchase extras*, simply apply them to your order when you customize your farm share. Offer good now through National CSA signup day (Feb 22). Join now and help us cover our operating expenses; regardless if we are harvesting crops or not, we have monthly tractor payments, loan payments, insurance, utilities and rent. We have to buy seed and other supplies to get the season started, beginning in Jan to be ready for the greenhouses in Feb/Mar.

WHY JOIN B&B FARMS CSA? It is more than just picking up a box of vegetables! Know where your food comes from, have a direct relationship with your farm, support a local family business and help keep agriculture growing in the Garden State. As a CSA member, you are part of a community that values farmers, health and fresh food.

Thank you for putting your faith in our work! We look forward to a happy, healthy and productive 2019.

Your Local Farmer,

Jen LaMonaca