CSA week8; corn, tomatoes and more

CSA Week 8. Pickup Wed 1-6 (7/25), OR Sat 9-2 (7/28). Choose whichever works for you this week, no need to let us know. 

wk8 tomatillos.jpg

NEW CROPS! Tomatoes (pick-your-own) - orange sungolds and pinks; And more tomatoes in farm shop (classic red and heirloom), just coming in.  Tomatillos - make salsa verde! so good! Kale back on table.  More cucumbers, zucchini, green beans (pick-your-own), cabbage, potatoes, beets, carrots, leeks, peppers, eggplant, scallions and garlic scapes. 

FARM SHARE BREAKDOWNS: swap online via Harvie email, OR do so in Farm Shop. 

  • MINI - choose 4 items
  • BASIC/SUMMER - choose 7 items
  • HARVESTER - choose 9 items

EXTRAS FOR SALE - in addition to our farm fresh produce...

  • CORN! Pastore Orchards, Hammonton. Peaches still a week or 2 away - so worth the wait!
  • Fresh Baked Breads and goods - Hammerbacher, EHC
  • Fresh Ricotta cheese - Fulper Farms, Lamberville. We will restock on others next week.
  • Chicken sausages - Griggstown Farms. Fully stocked! In the freezer. 

PICK YOUR OWN - where to pick??? please follow the orange/pink flags. Enjoy picking (and eating) right from the vine! 

WK8 toms pyo.jpg
  • Tomatoes!  Orange sungolds and pink "sweet treats" 1 PINT counts as an item in your farm share. Extras for sale too.
  • Green Beans. 1 QUART counts as an item in your farm share. Extras for sale too.

FLOWERS AND HERBS (pick-your-own) - included in all farm shares! CSA member perks:)

  • Flowers.  12 stems/farm share. Mix and Match. Extras for sale, $.50/stem
  • Herbs. 1 Bunch/farm share. Mix and Match. Basil/Parsley/Thyme/Sage/Oregano/Rosemary/Chives. New dill and cilantro in about 2 weeks. Extras for sale, $7.50/lb.

See you on the farm,

your B&B Farms Crew.