CSA week7, tomatoes and more!

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CSA week 7. Pickup farm shares Wed (7/18) 1-6, OR Sat (7/21) 9-2.

ON THE TABLE IN FARM SHOP... New Crops! Tomatoes! Onions (reds), Leeks, Eggplant (classic/  Italian heirlooms), Green Beans (Pick-Your-Own, new field open), Peppers (green bells/jalapenos), Carrots, Potatoes (reds), Beets, Cucumbers, Zucchini (green/yellow), Cabbage, Kohlrabi (red/green), Scallions, Garlic Scapes. 

TOMATOES! Just coming in (no extras yet for sale). Limit 1 choice/CSA farm share: 1 pint cherries (orange sungolds/pinks), 2 red beefsteaks, OR 2 heirlooms. Cherry tomatoes will be a pick your own crop as soon as abundant. 

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SWAPPING ITEMS - preferably, do so via Harvie email.  This helps us mange the harvest better.  If not, you can do so in Farm Shop, not a problem. Please note limits in Farm Shop for some crops (like tomatoes this week). 

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  • CHECK IN - find your name/farm share size on master list - no more individuals printed out.  
  • HARVIE EMAILS. Based on the weekly harvest, your number of items/farm share change.  Please follow your Harvie email, swap items here (if you can do so, AND in Farm shop too).
  • FARM SHARES - number of items/farm share posted in multiple locations (mix and match, your choice). Please note limits in Farm Shop for some crops (like tomatoes this week). 


PICK-YOUR-OWN. All crops located in front of CSA barn AND next to blueberries. Please pick! Follow orange flags.  Lots out there - tell your friends, fields open to non CSA members Wed 1-6 and Sat 9-2 during pickups. 

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HERBS, Pick-Your-Own: 1 bunch Mix and Match/CSA farm share. Basil - make pesto! Others too... Parsley, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Chives. Extras for Sale $7.50/lb.

FLOWERS, Pick-Your-Own: 12 stems Mix and Match/CSA farm share. Extras for Sale $.50/stem.

GREEN BEANS, Pick-Your-Own: measure 1 quart (if you choose as a farm share item for week); please transfer into your bag/basket and leave us quart containers. Thank you.  Extras for Sale $3.50/quart. New field!  More Beans! Next to blueberries. 

BLUEBERRIES, Pick-Your-Own: last week likely, get um while you can. B&B Farms thanks you for your business and support!

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See you on the Farm,

Your B&B Farms Crew