Strawberries and CSA sign ups

Hello!  Thank you to all who have signed up for a CSA farm share – your upfront investment is hard at work in the fields and the greenhouses.  AND it’s still not too late to join – spread the word to friends and family!

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  • Customize what veggies you get in your CSA (based on the harvest of the week).
  • Set up automatic weekly payments.
  • Reschedule or hold your share if you are out of town (or gift to a friend for the week).
  • Get cooking and recipe tips.


1)      PICK YOUR SHAREAND click on “frequency” – some Harvie farms offer biweekly or monthly pickups/deliveries; we offer weekly.

2)      CHOOSE A DELIVERY OPTIONclick on the map pin for B&B Farms – some Harvie farms deliver to multiple locations; currently we offer pickup on-farm.  In the future, as we grow our CSA, we may add map pins! AND Choose a Pickup Day – Wednesday or Saturday.

3)      CONTACT INFO – fill out and create a password; you can add others to the account.

4)      PAYMENT DETAILS select Pay In Full, OR Payment Plan.

  • Payment Plan. At checkout, 25% due.  The first week of your pick up, a second 25% payment will be charged.  And the remaining 50% will be charged with each week's pickup.
  • Pay by check (or cash)?  The idea with Harvie is to make all payments credit card based, but we realize there will always be a few who choose to pay with check or cash – it is possible to make it happen. Go through the signup process.  Choose your options, click the "go to checkout", and then stop.  This creates an order in the database that I will be able to add a payment to later when you give the check or cash.  Kindly remit payment to our mailing address: B&B Farms CSA, PO Box 832 Oceanville, NJ 08231.  Checks made payable to:  B&B Farms CSA

QUESTIONS? Please contact the friendly support team at Harvie:

Email, and phone 412-567-3864.


STRAWBERRIES. Opening Memorial Day Weekend (likely, if not sooner) - we will keep you updated!

New crop this year!  Strawberries are Pick-Your-Own, and open to the public. As a thank you for joining the CSA, discounts apply!  Prior to the first CSA pickup… strawberries will be open, and we hope to see you out there!  During the CSA pickup… strawberries will be a part of the farm share.  AND you can purchase extras too at the discount rate.  Our CSA customers are awesome and the foundation of our farm operation – we are grateful for your support.

Thanks for your interest in our farm – and joining us on an adventure in local eating!

Your Local Farm Crew at B&B Farms