CSA Signup Day

Hi from B&B Farms.

On February 23rd, we are joining with CSA farmers from across the country to celebrate CSA Day. This is an important time of year for us to get members signed up because we are in the process of making the investments that will result in a harvest for many months to come. We appreciate your support on this day and throughout the year.

CSA is an important model to support our farm - access to capital in the off-season; the meaningful connections between farmers and CSA members; the sense of ownership and pride members feel about their CSA farms... all add up to healthy farms, businesses, and communities. 

If you already signed up or just want to help us spread the word, please post about CSA Day on social media:
"B&B Farms is celebrating National CSA Sign-up Day on Feb 23rd. Join me in supporting a local farmer: https://www.bbfarmsnj.com/ #CSAday"

To sign up for our CSA, visit: https://www.bbfarmsnj.com/csa-signup-2018/

CSA Day is important for us and we are thankful to you!

Sincerely your farmer,

Jen LaMonaca