Happiest Hour at Hammerbacher

2019 Event Series.

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The Happiest Hour: a farmer chef collaborative. Each event, meet and greet with the farmers and chefs, and special guests from small businesses whom share our passion for growing local and commitment to elevating the innovative food culture of South Jersey. Experience amazingly delicious farm dishes; support B&B Farms and the community. Casual, small bites. Mingle. BYOB.

  • date: Wed Feb 13th

  • time: 5-7 PM

  • location: Hammerbacher, 40 Boston Ave, Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215

  • special guest: The Seed: a living beer project, coming soon to AC.

Farm Dinner

Farm Dinner tickets on sale now! Seating is limited; CSA members can purchase tickets at a discount rate $69 each (promo code sent to your email). Open to public for $79 each. We hope you can join us for this event; it's a great night on the farm!

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CSA week9; new! melons, spaghetti squash

CSA Wk 9 Pickup: Wed 1-6 (8/1) OR Sat 9-2 (8/4)

wk9 spag.JPG

Farm Share Breakdowns for this week:

  • MINI - choose 4 items
  • BASIC - choose 7 items
  • SUMMER - choose 7 items
  • HARVESTER - choose 9 items
wk9 yellows.jpg

On the Table in Farm Shop... New Crops! And more tomatoes (extras for sale!). Mix and Match in Farm Shop this week - the Harvie system is down. 

  • Yellow watermelons
  • Tomatoes - reds, heirlooms and pick-your-own cherries
  • Tomatillos
  • Potatoes 
  • Spaghetti Squash
  • Eggplant
  • Peppers (sweet and hots)
  • Scallions
  • Leeks 
  • Green Beans (pick-your-own)
  • Zucchini 
  • Cucumbers 
wk9 toms.jpg

PICK-YOUR-OWN: cherry tomatoes and green beans count as items in your farm share. Tomatoes so worth it! Easy to pick. 

  • Cherry Tomatoes (orange sungolds and pinks) - please pick - so much out there!  Summers gold.
  • Green Beans - last week until new patch ready.
  • Flowers and Herbs - included in all CSA farm shares. 1 bunch each. 

See you on the farm.

CSA week8; corn, tomatoes and more

CSA Week 8. Pickup Wed 1-6 (7/25), OR Sat 9-2 (7/28). Choose whichever works for you this week, no need to let us know. 

wk8 tomatillos.jpg

NEW CROPS! Tomatoes (pick-your-own) - orange sungolds and pinks; And more tomatoes in farm shop (classic red and heirloom), just coming in.  Tomatillos - make salsa verde! so good! Kale back on table.  More cucumbers, zucchini, green beans (pick-your-own), cabbage, potatoes, beets, carrots, leeks, peppers, eggplant, scallions and garlic scapes. 

FARM SHARE BREAKDOWNS: swap online via Harvie email, OR do so in Farm Shop. 

  • MINI - choose 4 items
  • BASIC/SUMMER - choose 7 items
  • HARVESTER - choose 9 items

EXTRAS FOR SALE - in addition to our farm fresh produce...

  • CORN! Pastore Orchards, Hammonton. Peaches still a week or 2 away - so worth the wait!
  • Fresh Baked Breads and goods - Hammerbacher, EHC
  • Fresh Ricotta cheese - Fulper Farms, Lamberville. We will restock on others next week.
  • Chicken sausages - Griggstown Farms. Fully stocked! In the freezer. 

PICK YOUR OWN - where to pick??? please follow the orange/pink flags. Enjoy picking (and eating) right from the vine! 

WK8 toms pyo.jpg
  • Tomatoes!  Orange sungolds and pink "sweet treats" 1 PINT counts as an item in your farm share. Extras for sale too.
  • Green Beans. 1 QUART counts as an item in your farm share. Extras for sale too.

FLOWERS AND HERBS (pick-your-own) - included in all farm shares! CSA member perks:)

  • Flowers.  12 stems/farm share. Mix and Match. Extras for sale, $.50/stem
  • Herbs. 1 Bunch/farm share. Mix and Match. Basil/Parsley/Thyme/Sage/Oregano/Rosemary/Chives. New dill and cilantro in about 2 weeks. Extras for sale, $7.50/lb.

See you on the farm,

your B&B Farms Crew.


CSA week7, tomatoes and more!

wk7 sungolds.jpeg

CSA week 7. Pickup farm shares Wed (7/18) 1-6, OR Sat (7/21) 9-2.

ON THE TABLE IN FARM SHOP... New Crops! Tomatoes! Onions (reds), Leeks, Eggplant (classic/  Italian heirlooms), Green Beans (Pick-Your-Own, new field open), Peppers (green bells/jalapenos), Carrots, Potatoes (reds), Beets, Cucumbers, Zucchini (green/yellow), Cabbage, Kohlrabi (red/green), Scallions, Garlic Scapes. 

TOMATOES! Just coming in (no extras yet for sale). Limit 1 choice/CSA farm share: 1 pint cherries (orange sungolds/pinks), 2 red beefsteaks, OR 2 heirlooms. Cherry tomatoes will be a pick your own crop as soon as abundant. 

wk7 onions trailer.JPG

SWAPPING ITEMS - preferably, do so via Harvie email.  This helps us mange the harvest better.  If not, you can do so in Farm Shop, not a problem. Please note limits in Farm Shop for some crops (like tomatoes this week). 

wk7 zucs.JPG


wk7 peppers, greens.jpg
  • CHECK IN - find your name/farm share size on master list - no more individuals printed out.  
  • HARVIE EMAILS. Based on the weekly harvest, your number of items/farm share change.  Please follow your Harvie email, swap items here (if you can do so, AND in Farm shop too).
  • FARM SHARES - number of items/farm share posted in multiple locations (mix and match, your choice). Please note limits in Farm Shop for some crops (like tomatoes this week). 


PICK-YOUR-OWN. All crops located in front of CSA barn AND next to blueberries. Please pick! Follow orange flags.  Lots out there - tell your friends, fields open to non CSA members Wed 1-6 and Sat 9-2 during pickups. 

wk7 sunnys.JPG

HERBS, Pick-Your-Own: 1 bunch Mix and Match/CSA farm share. Basil - make pesto! Others too... Parsley, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Chives. Extras for Sale $7.50/lb.

FLOWERS, Pick-Your-Own: 12 stems Mix and Match/CSA farm share. Extras for Sale $.50/stem.

GREEN BEANS, Pick-Your-Own: measure 1 quart (if you choose as a farm share item for week); please transfer into your bag/basket and leave us quart containers. Thank you.  Extras for Sale $3.50/quart. New field!  More Beans! Next to blueberries. 

BLUEBERRIES, Pick-Your-Own: last week likely, get um while you can. B&B Farms thanks you for your business and support!

wk7 eggplant.jpeg


See you on the Farm,

Your B&B Farms Crew