The Farmers


Jen LaMonaca

B&B Farms CSA Owner

Prior to farming, I had a career in Marine Science. I worked for Rutgers University Marine Field Station and the Smithsonian. Most of my days were spent on the water hauling nets and sorting fish. In college as a Stockton student, I worked for Forsythe NWR. Now, as a farmer, I stay connected to my roots and host on-farm fundraisers for Marine Science and internships in Sustainability. Flashback to 2008 and how I became a farmer, after much sea sickness and deliberation over graduate school, I opted for an apprenticeship at Fernbrook Farm CSA. I did not grow up on a farm and never worked on a farm, yet this is how I wanted to live my life. In 2010 I started B&B's CSA; in addition, I manage B&B's Pick-Your-Own operation.


Ryan LaMonaca

Marketing Manager & Sales

In addition to farming, Ryan owns and operates his own business, Creative Solutions Graphics. Also a Stockton graduate, Ryan's business serves South Jersey and beyond, offering professional graphic design and printing services for clients ranging from Atlantic City casinos to local small businesses. In farming, it is common to have a spouse with an off-farm job, and it is a necessity for now. In between graphic design projects, you will find Ryan on the farm harvesting, planting, irrigating, running Farm Shop and doing whatever else it takes to keep the farm running and a success.

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Art Brown, Carolyn Brown

Retired B&B Farms Owners

Art Brown, NJ Secretary of Agriculture (retired). Art's many contributions include establishment of "Jersey Fresh", funding for farmland preservation and service in numerous leadership positions for state and national agricultural organizations. Prior to his state post in 1982, he worked as an agricultural agent for Atlantic County and for Seabrook Farms, one of the largest facilities for freezing vegetables in the 1950-60's. Art holds a Degree in Animal Science from UMass, and a Masters in Horticulture from Rutgers. Along with his wife Carolyn, they raised 6 children and have many grandchildren and great grand children. The Browns' life's work is farming.


Riley Blankenship

Assistant Crop Production Manager


Colby Blankenship

Mechanic and Equipment Operations


Donna Park

Events & Social Media


Field Crew