Seafood Shares:  Yes, the Seafood Share option which we have offered for the past two years will be coming back to Sea Salt CSA again this season. The process has been taken over by Heritage Shellfish Cooperative, a newly formed co-op whose members are long time baymen that have been involved with shellfish aquaculture and seafood for a combined total of over 160 years.  The cost of the share will remain at $230 for the season and it will be distributed every two weeks, beginning in mid-June during the CSA veggie pickup.  Seafood pickup day will be Saturday only in order to have time to decide what fish or shellfish are available.  Having it on Wednesday last season reduced the decision making time and was hard to accomplish. The sign up will be the same as it has been in the past – you can do so via the website.  Along with Heritage Shellfish Cooperative, we hope to have you on board.

How much seafood?  The share will be enough for 2 people, and we feel the portions are generous. Eat Jersey Fresh seafood and support the livelihoods of local NJ fisherman throughout the state.  In partnership with Heritage Shellfish Cooperative, we are pleased to offer this option again.  Based on our experiences with fisherman’s scheduling, species availability, pricing, etc., we have adjusted our program accordingly.  This season’s seafood menu to include: clams, oysters, scallops, lobster, soft shell crabs along with swordfish, tuna and other high quality species – to be determined.  Know your farmer AND know your fisherman too!



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